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When you are developing any 3 tire application for any simple project CRUD (Create,Retrieve,Update,Delete) Operations are the most headache for any experienced developer. There is simple steps for 3 Tire Architecture for any developer and any developer has to follow this simple steps every time for each table/business entity. 

Once you created your database scheme following steps are mandatory for CRUD Operation.

  • Develop Database Object for particular Table (DBO)
  • Develop Business Entity
  • Generate 5 Stored Procedure for Every table (SelectALL, SelectOne, Insert, Update, Delete)
  • Write Data Access Layer for accessing this stored procedure.
  • Write Business Logic Layer for accessing tables or do operation or to convert dbo to entity.
  • then write application logic.


This tool is developed specially for those developer who wants to do this same process automatic. This is simple project. You just need to connect database and business logic and data access layer would generated automatically. At same time, 5 Stored Proedure will also generated automatically from your table scheme.

If you just want to test this project, TestDBScript is available.

Let me know your views on this project.

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